Gateway to the world of architectural salvage, architectural antiques, antique doors, antique fireplaces, garden antiques, antique ironwork, antique lighting, old radiators, antique windows, reclaimed building materials, reclaimed bricks, reclaimed flagstones, reclaimed flooring, reclaimed stone and reclaimed roof tiles and slates. See http://www.salvo.co.uk salvo.co.uk Salvo US salvo.us http://www.salvoweb.com salvoweb.com
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About Salvo

Salvo is a small business, based in southeast England, that aims to help save reusable materials from landfill and crushing for recycling. Salvo was started in 1990 with a printed dealer directory. SalvoWEB was started in 1994 is now divided into three sectors - worldwide salvoweb.com, in the UK salvo.co.uk and in the USA salvo.us are websites with online marketplaces, dealer directories, classified ads, theft alerts and demolition alerts in the UK, USA and many other countries. SalvoNEWS has a website salvonews.com and a free newsletter which is published on Thursday nights (UK time) containing a mixture of news stories, auctions previews and results, info on fairs and events, reclaimed design ideas and articles about architectural salvage, garden antiques, decorative antiques and the reclaimed building materials trade. Regular guest contributors include Salvo Code members and reclaimed interiors blogger, Style Salvo. SalvoSITES are websites which Salvo has created for dealers, for example Edward Haes, Simon Wharton and V & V Reclamation. The first Salvo Fair was first held in 1997 and was for a long time the world's only architectural salvage fair. Details of the sixteenth fair can be found at salvofair.com which is being held in June at long-term Salvo supporters, Sir William and Lady McApline's estate at Fawley Hill, outside Henley-on-Thames.

The team

Thornton Kay
Thornton is a director of Salvo, which he started in 1990 after a 25 year career in building, architecture and architectural salvage. He runs Salvo and also provides advice and consultancy on reuse and in pushing reuse in mainstream construction. He organises the maintenance and programming of SalvoWEB and SalvoSITES, writes for SalvoNEWS, moderates SalvoWEB and manages the annual Salvo Fair.

Shirley Kay
Shirley has worked for Salvo since 2010, and her role currently covers general admin, website moderating, social media, writing for SalvoNEWS, Salvo USA admin, and updating the Salvo worldwide directories. Shirley is based in Kent and London.

Salvo's book-keeping and credit control is handled by Leanne Hogben and Francine Jordan, from ART Ltd, which is based in Kent at the address below. Salvo's accountant is Matravers & Co in Manchester.

Contact Salvo

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Telephone Main office 01227 500485. Accounts 01227 818505
Address Salvo Ltd, Old Rectory Studio, Ashford Road, Chartham, Canterbury CT4 7HS, Kent, UK (This address cannot be visited. It is our postal address and registered office only. At present Salvo does not have a public office.)

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